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When in Amarillo, TX, have you ever asked yourself, “ are there reliable electricians near me? Do not worry, we at Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians, you’re go-to electrical contractor, are here to serve you.

We offer you a wide array of electrical installation work. Our well-trained and certified electricians will handle any installation needed from EV Charger to Solar Panel Systems.

By choosing us, you will get the benefits of: 

Well trained electricians and high-quality equipment

At Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians, our best asset is our team of highly trained, certified,  and dedicated master electricians.  These hard-working professionals are not just technically skilled they also are aligned with the company’s drive to provide the people of Amarillo top-notch electrical services. 

Aside from having a talented staff, we also provide them with the latest equipment and tools. You can guarantee that our equipment passed industry standards and are all sturdy and durable. 

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Team Work

Efficient and dependable electrical installation work

We are Amarillo’s most trusted. The services we provide are done professionally and with the benefit of you, our customers, in mind. Our master electricians only use the latest tools, equipment, and technology in every electrical installation work that they are providing.

Our staff also values your time. That is why we seek to work efficiently to maximize every working hour that we are allotting for your needed electrical installation.

Also, we assure you that we are compliant with every state regulation to every type of electrical installation work. You are being serviced by the safest electrical contractor in Amarillo!

Amarillo Electrician Planning On How To Install The Wall Socket

Various installation options

 Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians do not just walk right in your home or office to install your needed electrical equipment. Being Amarillo’s most trusted electrical contractor, we see to it that we give you the service you deserve.

We first thoroughly inspect your home or business’ power requirement, number of appliances and equipment, and a lot more. This information is vital for the success of the electrical installation work that we will be doing.

By acquiring these details, we can give you an overview of the things that have to be done with the installation. This will also enable us to tailor-fit any installation service according to your preferences.


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Installation services we offer

Smoke Detector Installation

Having a smoke detector in your house increases the level of safety available for your family. Let Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians install these safeguards for you.

Our team of expert electricians will install smoke detectors in your house in every room wherein you want one. These detectors will be placed 12 feet of each room door and 12 meters away from walls.

When to Replace

Just like any other electronics in your house, your fire alarms also have an economically useful life and are recommended to be changed every 10 years. This must be done for your smoke detectors to properly function.

Wherever you are in Amarillo, our pool of electricians are ready to maintain, check, and replace your home’s smoke detector. Call us at 806-855-85-42 and let’s talk about how we can be of service to you.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Whatever weather you are experiencing in Amarillo, having a ceiling fan in your home can greatly help you in minimizing your energy costs. Have Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians install that ceiling fan for you.

Summer days in Amarillo can be hot and humid but if you have an installed ceiling fan in your house, the degrees can go down. A counter-clockwise rotating fan can avoid pulling the warm air down from the ceiling enabling the fan to cool you rather than the air.

Reversing the fan’s rotation, your ceiling fan will make the warm air from the ceiling come down to the room. This will help in warming your place during those cold Amarillo winter nights.

By having the benefits of an installed ceiling fan, you can minimize the usage of your HVAC systems which also means that you will also have less power consumption.

Whatever the weather may be, you can count on our hardworking staff to be at your service in installing your ceiling fan. Call us at 806-855-85-42 and let’s talk about how we can be of service to you.

An Electrician Installing A New Ceiling Fan.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

As your family grows and your business expands, you will need additional equipment or appliances for work or leisure. An increase in the devices in your home or office may also need an increase in the power necessary to run those. The solution is a panel upgrade.

Upgrading your panel increases its capacity to provide energy to all your appliances and equipment. This is usually done when you are adding a room in your house but it is also necessary to perform this when your existing panel is already more than 20 years old.

Some reasons that you need to upgrade your electrical panels are:

  • You have flickering lights in your house
  • You are planning to add room in your home
  • On of your electrical panel is more than 20 years old
  • Your breakers are constantly tripping when you plug in new appliances 

We will answer your panel upgrade needs! Call us at 806-855-85-42 and let’s talk about how we can be of service to you.

Solar Energy Systems Installation

Want to help the environment while saving a ton on your energy expenses? Maybe it is time that you consider installing solar energy panels in your home.

Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians offers an efficient electrical installation service of solar energy panels. You can now reduce your carbon footprint while optimizing your power usage.

With our team of well-trained certified electricians, we will see to it that your home’s solar panels are precisely placed to where you want them to be.

If you are looking for a professional electrical contractor in Amarillo, look no further. Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians is the most trusted and efficient in town.

Call us at 806-855-85-42 and let’s talk about how we can be of service to you.

Commercial Electricition
Electrician Installing Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fan Installation

Looking for an electric contractor to install your exhaust fans in Amarillo? We at Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians got your needs covered.

An exhaust fan is an important part of maintaining the cleanliness of your home. It is also often installed in places where unpleasant odors and moisture tend to build up.

Our expert electricians will handle the installation of your exhaust fan. From determining the proper sizing, choosing a design, and the actual installation, Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians will handle the work.

We will get that exhaust fan up and running in no time. Call us at 806-855-85-42 and let’s talk about how we can be of service to you.

Surge Protection Installation

Surge protection for your house is an important piece in protecting your house and devices from damage and you and your family from harm.

Have Amarillos’s most trusted electrical contractor install your home’s surge protection for you. With a team of expert master electricians, Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians will set up the surge protection for your investments and your family as well.

Your house-wide surge protection will be connected to your main breaker panel which will send the incoming to the ground, diffusing the electricity.

You and your family’s safety is our utmost priority, have us install your home’s surge protection today. Call us at 806-855-85-42 and let’s talk about how we can be of service to you.

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