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When looking for the right electrical repair service provider in Amarillo, you can count on Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians to do the work for you.
It has been a norm to consider electricity as dangerous.

We also oftentimes shy away in constantly checking the health of our home or offices overall electrical condition. This is scarier, not knowing that there may be an electrical problem in your house or business.

Understanding these signs maybe sometimes confusing to you. But when the time comes that you will have a hunch and ask yourself, “is there a provider of electric repair near me?”, our team of experts will come and rescue you.

In every electric repair service that we will provide, you will have:

An in-depth system inspection

We want to make sure that we treat the main cause of your electrical problem. Our expert team will conduct an initial assessment of the problem. A detailed summary of it and the solutions for it will be presented to you. 

Even after the repairs, we will check other devices that are related to the repaired problem. This is done to make sure that everything with regards to the electric repair done is functioning properly.   

Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians can handle your electrical repair service needs anywhere you are in Amarillo. Call us today at 806-855-8542 and let us discuss how we can be of service to you. 

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Superb electrical repair service

We provide Amarillo with a team of well-trained and certified expert technicians that has several years of experience under their belt.  They have been exposed to different electric repair scenarios making them able to adapt even to your most complicated electric troubleshooting needs.

Heating System Repairs Heating systems are an integral part of your daily life and when they malfunction, you may not know what to do or who to call but worry not, Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians are here to fix your heaters 24/7.

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Reliable and Quick Repairs

With our reliable electrical repair service, we will assure you that all your electric repair needs will be served. There is no small or big job for us, if you need our electrical expertise we will do it for you. 

Our skilled master electrician has been doing repairs for a long time already. Though thorough and precise, you can count on us to be quick on our electric repair work because we also value your time. 

Also, with the help of our top-notch repair equipment, you can be sure that the provided electrical repair service will be dependable and fast.


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Types of electrical repair service we offer

Power Surge Repair

The most common electrical problem but the most overlooked.  A power surge is a spike in voltage.  A sudden increase in electrical surge is harmful to your appliances and devices because it can cause damages to their components.  

Broken Light Switch

Having a broken light switch can be annoying. Though it is easy to fix, you still need a professional electrician to make that repair for you.  We will carefully change the broken light switch and will leave it looking brand new. 

Unserviceable electrical outlet

Just like a broken light switch, we also repair your broken electrical outlet. 
An electrical outlet that does not work may mean that there is a wiring alignment or worse, the wiring has already burned out. Our master electricians at Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians will fix this dilemma for you. 

Light Bulb and lighting repair

Do you often see yourself changing your lighting and lightbulbs? This is often a mismatch between the provided wattage of your lighting fixture and the wattage capacity of your bulb. Let our team in Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians adjust this and make your lighting fixture and lighting bulb fit for each other. 

Flickering Lights

If your light bulbs flicker or dim constantly, this is an indicator that there is an electrical problem in your home or office. These problems may range from poor wiring to low voltage supply.
This problem needs immediate action and fixing it yourself can prove dangerous. Do not hesitate to call Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians to fix these problems for you.  Our team of expert electricians will manage this electrical issue right away!

Current Arcing Repair

Do you hear a buzzing sound coming from your switch or outlet? This means that the electrical current in the wiring jumps between the metal parts instead of flowing straight through those metal pathways. Such occurrences are also known as Arcing.

This is an electrical problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Do not hesitate to contact our certified master technicians at Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians and we perform this electrical repair service for you. 
If you ever encounter any of the electrical problems stated above, be safe, do not attempt to do the electric repair on your own.  Call the most trusted electrical contractor in Amarillo!

Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians can handle any type of electrical repair service you may need. With a professional team of experts and years of experience under our belts, your electric repair problems in Amarillo will be handled professionally and efficiently.

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