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Heating systems are an integral part of your daily life and when they malfunction, you may not know what to do or who to call but worry not, Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians are here to fix your heaters 24/7.


Without realizing it, the heating systems in your Amarillo home are an integral part of your daily life. It keeps you nice and warm on cold autumn days so you can enjoy lounging around in your house and makes sure that you can sleep soundly during freezing winter nights. 

But what happens when they suddenly stop working as they should?  Heating repairs can lead to hazardous outcomes when done improperly. The best thing to do is call a professional and let them come do an emergency heater repair service. 

For Amarillo locals, there is no other company to call but Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians. Our team of professional electricians offers quality services when it comes to the heating systems in your homes. 

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Don’t Try To Fix It Yourself

You might be a mighty handyman when it comes to fixing odds and ends around your house, doing your own oil change, and even building your own tool shed but when it comes to repairing services related to your heating systems, better leave it to the professionals and here are the top reasons why:

  • Professional Knowledge and Tools. Electricians spend years honing their skills and knowledge in order to be called licensed professionals. Unless you have gone through the same tools and training, it is best that you put away your toolbox because more often than not you will only end up making the situation worse.
  • Safety.  Heat pumps and other HVAC systems are powered by electricity and chemicals, both of which can be lethal at any time. You could electrocute yourself if you cross the wrong wires. Because these chemicals are so dangerous, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires a special certification to even handle them.
  • Warranty. Depending on the system and how old it is, it may still be covered under warranty. Examine the small print in your warranty agreement. Regular maintenance and repairs by a professional may be required to ensure that your warranty remains valid. Making one minor repair yourself may jeopardize your chances of having major repairs done at little or no cost to you before your warranty expires.

How often should a Heating System be serviced?

A professional should inspect your systems once a year. So, if you have a standard central heating system or a furnace, each of these units should be serviced once a year. If you have a heat pump system that you use all year, you should schedule this service every 6 months.


A well-functioning heater can help protect you from extreme temperatures. That is why, if your heater is completely broken, you should replace it right away. When selecting a contractor, it is equally important to ask the right questions.

What do you think is wrong with my Heating system?

This is a great way to find out if your contractor is. Like our professionals at Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians, the right contractor will ask you about the details of the problems you’ve been having as well as the age of your system and any maintenance plans to be able to properly identify the problem. 

Are you licensed?

All jobs involving the installation, repair, and maintenance of HVAC systems are regulated in Texas. Also, make sure to ask if they have an updated license because Texas law mandates that professional electricians renew their license on an annual basis. 

Are you insured?

Accidents happen all the time and you want to be sure that any damage caused to you and your property is covered by the general and professional liability insurance required of electrical companies. 

What's included in the quote?

 When it comes to inclusions and exclusions, your contractor should be straightforward. They should inform you right away if they intend to replace all existing components. They should also tell you if there are any warranties or guarantee exclusions.


Here are the most common situations where you should call us up at Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians: 


You should call a technician on a regular basis to perform maintenance. If you look in the owner’s manual for the heating equipment in your home, you’ll notice that the manufacturer recommends routine maintenance, especially if the system is still under warranty. Having the right maintenance plans ensures the longevity of your system, the efficiency of its operations, and keeping the warranty for as long as possible. 

Component Replacement

A minor component failure can sometimes lead to a major component failure later on. Because many components in a heating system (such as contractors or ignitors) are prone to failure, we can inspect them and ensure that they are operating within acceptable limits. By replacing these items on a regular basis, your system will be more reliable, have a longer life, and be much safer to operate.

Uncommon Noises

​If a component is making a strange noise, this is an indication that it is not working properly. It is beneficial to pay attention to the regular sounds that your heating system will make throughout the day.

​If the system makes an unusual sound, it could be a red flag that something is wrong. Remember that these systems do not repair themselves over time. Having us out as soon as possible can save you money on a larger repair. 


Utility Bill Fluctuations

If your heat pump isn’t working properly, the electric resistance heat will kick in right away. Even though it is completely efficient, it is very expensive to operate, so you will notice a significant increase in energy consumption.

Thermostat Alerts

Newer thermostats, thanks to improved technology, can now alert homeowners when something begins to operate outside of specifications. Keep an eye on what these thermostats are saying and contact our technician if anything seems out of the ordinary.



How do I know if my Heater is broken?

​There are all sorts of problems that could go wrong with your heating system but the most common ways to know if it’s broken are strange noises coming out of the system, limited or no airflow at all, foul odors, water leakage, or damage, and thermostat prompts. 

Do Heating Repair Companies near me offer free cost estimates?

Whatever situation you find yourself in, a single phone call to Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians will provide you with all of the answers you need. Instead of going into upgrades blindly or simply accepting higher energy bills, we will offer free estimates so you know exactly what to expect.

How much does it cost to get my Heating System repaired?

The estimated repair cost for emergency services or maintenance related to a heating System vary depending on the problem but it typically cost between $150 and $450, with the majority of homeowners spending $319 on AC service and $268 on furnace service. Our HVAC contractors charge $75 to $150 per hour, with a $75 to $200 minimum service call fee.

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