Common Causes of Household Electrical Fires

Preventing a common cause of an electrical fire

Are you using electricity to power some appliances or illuminate your household? You must ensure the electricity you depend on runs efficiently and authentically.

​Numerous electrical fires remain hidden within the walls of your house. Identifying warning signs such as foul odors, warm outlets, and other signs of electrical damage teaches you how to stop electrical fires

Here are four things responsible for household electrical issues.

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That you know how to fix certain damages to your electrical system doesn’t mean you should. In a bid to save money, many homeowners try to fix electrical issues when in fact, they lack the technical know-how. In the case of older homes, as different families occupy the space, many electrical problems can accumulate as a result of inappropriate DIY fixes.

​The major wiring problem usually originates from hot wires and exposed wires. Suppose you think anything is not working right or something looks suspicious, you should have it checked by a professional immediately.

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Often, people overlook this, but as your home grows old, so does your wiring. Old wiring is dangerous, particularly for your electrical system, and can be ruled out as old-fashioned by electrical code regulations.
Insulation fades off, connections slacken, and outlets loose efficiency, so it’s essential to have a professional residential electrician examine your electrical system and help protect your home against electrical difficulties – like a fire.

Home Electrical problems are responsible for about 51% of household fires; therefore, you should maximize every preventative maintenance option available to you before it’s too late. The same applies to old electrical equipment. Suppose your appliance has served its purpose and is at the end of its useful life, or it has a plug with exposed wires. In that case, you should reassess what type of device you are connecting to your home’s electrical system.


Because of the dangers of electricity, houses are equipped with safety measures that cut off power immediately warning signs are noticed before more severe damages are caused. Some of the safety measures usually put in place include shutting off connections, tripping your circuit breaker, blown fuses in your main electrical panels and GFCI outlets.

​Power surges occur when there is a quick, split-second shut down of power in your house. Power surges happen when there is faulty wiring, tripped circuit breakers, lightning strikes, power line over surges, faulty appliances, and more.

Surges happen quickly, and you might not know when one happens.

The average household experiences numerous small surges all over the entire house. 80% of surges are caused from within the house, meaning they are brief. If surges happen frequently, they can damage electrical components in your home and even your connected devices.

You don’t want to fry your laptop by plugging directly into a circuit housing thousands of volts! If you experience regular surges, chances are you have an electrical device connected to the home grid or wiring itself. Move around the house and disconnect low-budget devices from the outlet and observe if the power surges stop. If not, reach out to Amarillo electricians to have your wiring examined or have a whole-house surge protective device installed.


It is easy to disregard the maintenance of your home. Usually, if no issue requires immediate attention, then you might not worry about what’s happening in your home, particularly issues like electricity hidden within the walls.

One way to ensure your home doesn’t get ruled as outdated, stay up to code and avoid severe damages is to have routine maintenance done by a professional electrician. You could do this yearly, or more frequently, the choice is yours. Of all the routine tasks done around the home,

Electrical maintenance remains the most important Essentially, it carries the biggest dangers if not examined. As much as you can fix some general electrical-related tasks on your own, it’s best to have professionals work on the maintenance as they are better equipped and experienced to conduct electrical tests

Do you have questions about your home’s electrical system? Feel free to reach out to us or read our blog post on related issues to find solutions to common electrical issues. We’re glad to help you!

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