What does a residential electrician do?

Electric work is very serious business. Wiring, lighting and power lines contain live currents that are dangerous with the potential to cause severe harm and even death.

In Amarillo, Texas, doing an electric job yourself can be illegal. Even if you know what you’re doing, you should enlist the help of a master electrician.


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There are many types of electricians who specialize in different areas of electric work and know how to stop electrical fires. An outdoor lineman handles transformers and incoming power to a structure.

Indoor linemen handle all inside wiring like fuses, light switches, electrical wiring and circuit breakers. A residential electrician is an indoor lineman for multiple and single family homes and dwellings.

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At least three years of education and apprenticeship will be under the belt of a certified residential electrician. Their expertise is invaluable for any home electrical problem. They’ll make sure to handle jobs in a proper manner.

All electricians practice job-site safety, learn the dangers and hazards with electrical components and follow national electric code set by OSHA and EPA regulations. Amarillo electricians are also trained in CPR and basic first aid in the rare event of an emergency.


Our electrical experts provide the highest quality results at a price you can afford. As a licensed electrical contractor, we’ve been servicing the Amarillo area for many years and are proud to have the privilege to work on hundreds of residences across the city.

Whether building your home, looking for extra lighting, more wiring or an update to your system, our licensed electricians will provide you quality, local results

Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians will bring you guaranteed results you can count on with our electrical services.

​From the moment we first talk until electric services are complete, our master electricians bring you experience backed by quality and true customer care. Give yourself some peace of mind and give us a call today. We’ll schedule a free inspection and give tips if you’re in the midst of an emergency.


Residential electricians in Amarillo are licensed electricians who stay updated on all local, state and national building codes. They’re savvy about fire alarm systems, electrical wiring and smart-home systems. Any electrical repair posing a danger comes under the jurisdiction of a residential electrician. This includes replacing and moving fuse boxes, changing out old wiring and other kinds of fixes

You want to make sure you take the necessary precautions when working with electricity. This is why it’s so imperative to call a professional, licensed master electrician to help you out. New equipment, faulty fixtures, electrical repairs, sparking outlets and malfunctioning breaker boxes will all require professional support.

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