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We take electricity for granted because it powers so many things in our homes, but it can be tricky and dangerous. That is why, whenever you have a home improvement project or a repair that involves your home’s electrical systems—even if it’s as simple as replacing a light fixture or updating the outlets in your bathroom—you must call a professional electrician. This will keep you, your family, and your home safe from accidents, as well as satisfy your insurance company and ensure that you receive high-quality service for your Amarillo home. 

Electrical work is something that cannot be taken lightly. Some things like changing the lightbulb or replacing switches, you can do yourself but when it comes to complicated electrical wiring and systems, it’s best to entrust the work with your local licensed electricians.

Factors To Consider When Hiring Residential Electricians

​For Amarillo locals, there’s no one but Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians to call. Our team consists of professional electricians who all have years of experience and knowledge of the necessary skills to give you the best quality electrical service in all of Texas.

To answer that question, we first need to distinguish between a commercial electrician and a residential one. Residential electricians work in homes to provide electrical services and repairs. Meanwhile, commercial electricians primarily work in retail establishments, public buildings, and offices.

Commercial and residential electricians work on new construction wiring, installation, general electrical services, and emergency electrical repairs. Commercial electricians, on the other hand, concentrate on the electrical requirements and codes that apply to commercial buildings. Meanwhile, residential electricians are well-versed in the electrical code requirements that apply to homeowners.

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Factors To Consider When Hiring Residential Electricians

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When emergency electrical services are needed, most homeowners feel compelled to hire the first electrician they come across online. Some people prefer to go with the cheapest option. However, not all electricians are qualified to handle the problem. Instead, seek out residential electricians with extensive experience.

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Ask for reviews and testimonials if you want to find the best residential electrician in the area. You can learn from the experiences of other homeowners in the area. Inquire about their previous experience with the electrician company. Was the electrician punctual, professional, and knowledgeable?
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License and Training

​Each electrician must pass an annual qualifications test in order to keep their residential electrician license. Otherwise, they may be working with out-of-date information. They may struggle to assist if they are unfamiliar with the most recent technology.  Inquire with each electrician about how recently they completed their training and renewed their license. 

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Inquire if the company has both professional and general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance covers incidents that occur as a result of professional services, whereas general liability insurance protects the company’s assets and covers general issues.

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Amarillo Residential Electrician Services

As for our team at Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians, our professionals have up-to-date licenses and training, years of experience under our belt, and we have a long list of past clients who would be happy to tell you all about the quality of service we were able to give them. Our mission is to provide you with the best electrical work in Texas.

  • Electrical Wiring. Our team can handle all your electrical wiring needs. From testing and inspecting wiring systems for any inefficiencies, wire and parts replacement where needed, and any panel work to ensure overall safety for your household. 
  • Lighting. This will involve the installation, repair, or replacement of interior or exterior lighting fixtures as well as maintenance of any batteries or power supplies related to the lighting system. 
  • Smoke and Fire Alarms. Installation, repair, and maintenance of both smoke and fire alarms. 
  • Circuit Breaker Repair or Replacement. Circuit breakers are your first line of defense in an electrical emergency. We will make sure that the one in your home is working properly and will continue to do so. Our licensed electricians can also handle GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) for the parts of your home prone to water damage. 
  • Troubleshooting and Emergency Services. Faulty appliances, electrical shocks, constant power surges, or trips, we will be there as fast as we can to make sure that your home is safe and your electrical system is in working condition.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Residential Electricians

​Hiring a residential electrician allows you to avoid many of the common pitfalls that some do-it-yourself homeowners run into. You have the ability to protect yourself from harm. Even if you only intend to rewire an electrical outlet, the danger of electrical shock is all too real.

You may not think much of minor electrical shocks, but they can be quite unsettling and even painful at times. There is also the risk of receiving severe electrical shocks.


A residential electrician has access to the necessary tools and equipment to complete the job correctly. This reduces the possibility of damage while also shortening the time required to complete the job.

Experience and Expertise

To become a licensed electrician, you must first complete extensive training, testing, inspections, and an apprenticeship. If your electrician is licensed, you can be confident that they have the necessary skills and experience to complete the job correctly.

Liability Insurance

Even when all precautions are taken, things can go wrong. For example, your property could be damaged, or the electrician could be injured on the job. What happens next? A licensed electrician will have coverage for both general and specific liabilities, property, and health insurance.


You can be confident that your licensed residential electrician is up to date on the most recent safety standards, regulations, and codes in your specific area of Amarillo. This is standard practice for any local professional electrician. This ensures your own and your family’s safety.


​Only licensed electricians can obtain the necessary permits to perform certain types of electrical work. Working without permits puts your project at risk of being halted or fined by your city. Furthermore, if you ever sell your home, you will be required to disclose the work that was done and show the permits as proof that it was done correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some issues at home that an electrician near me can fix?

Here are the most common household electrical problems that our team at Amarillo’s Yellow Rose Electricians can help you with:

  • Outlet problems 
  • Broken light switches 
  • Constant breaker tripping 
  • Flickering light fixtures 
  • Overloaded extension cords

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